Kerem Company Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturing and trading company and a recognized leader in the trading market.

We manufacture, trade, transport and transform any product in the world.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturing and trading company, Kerem Company is a leader in almost every aspect in the market. We believe in quality not only in goods but also in services. both human and animal nutrition.
We unlock the power of nature and transform crops into ingredients and solutions for foods, beverages and supplements for
people all around the world, and we provide a complete range of solutions and services.
In the world of scrap market(metal, plastic, rubber etc),we offer a wide variety of scrap with top notch quality which has made us win a lot of customers around the world

Our Purpose is to unlock the power of nature, to enrich the quality of life.
We’re a global leader in human and animal nutrition and the world’s premier agricultural origination and processing company.
Our breadth, depth, insights, facilities and logistical expertise give us unparalleled capabilities to meet up with our clients demands
beverages, health and wellness and more. From the seed of the idea to the outcome of the solution, we enrich the quality of life to the world

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