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John Deere Tractor

John Deere 4066R Tractor, 66 HP 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine, 52 PTO HP, 3-Range Hydrostatic Transmission, Motion Match, Speed Match, Cruise Control, Auto Throttle, Load Match, Power Steering Tilt Steering Wheel, R-4 Tires, Rears Filled With Liquid Ballast, Cat. 1 3-Point Hitch, Hitch Assist, 540 Rear PTO, Suspension Seat With Armrests, Front LED Work Light Kit, […]


This Little Master is a real workhorse with high performance 21 HP E-TVCS ENGINE, unmatched width of 3 feet, four-wheel drive and turning radius of 2.1m.


The high powered 24HP engine and compact body enables cultivation and spraying of orchards (Grapes and Pomegranate), cotton and sugarcane fields with a single tractor. Further, fitted with Super Draft Control, the B2441 enhances the operational efficiency that is especially noticeable when undertaking dry field applications.


For taking on the toughest rice-paddy and sprayer work, nothing outperforms the Kubota 4 wheel drive L3408 tractors.4WD feature provides an extremely tight turning radius with full power transfer to the wheels at every steering angle. Additionally, the water-tight seal makes these tractors perfect for the challenges of working on rice-paddy fields.


Kubota L4508 leads innovation of farm operations for agriculturist with reliable equipment’s to support an innovative and operator-friendly driving system.

Kubota MU4501 – 2WD

MU4501 is equipped with Kubota Quad 4 Piston (KQ4P) engine, a extremely powerful, high fuel efficient 4 Cylinder engine with a narrow piston ring which reduces friction and ultimately improves fuel efficiency.

Kubota MU4501 4WD

Kubota L4508 leads innovation of farm operations for agriculturist with reliable equipments to support an innovative and operator-friendly driving system.Choosing the 4-wheel drive (4×4) mode makes all tires more resistant to slip, and provides an outstanding straight steering capability. 4×4 drive produces makes working in the field more stable.

Kubota MU5502-4WD

Kubota MU5502 – 4WD comes along with technically advance fuel efficient Kubota V2403-M-DI-TE3 Engine which provide performance with fuel efficiency.

Kubota NeoStar B2741

Kubota Neostar B2741 is a flagship tractor from Kubota tractors. Over the years Kubota has built its market presence through exceptional products in commercial vehicles and tractors in India. Kubota is known for its most value for money tractors and after sales support. Since its inception, Kubota has a mission to manufacture affordable and high-quality tractors for the Indian Market. Kubota Neostar B2741 is one of the top-selling tractor models in the segment. It is majorly bought by farmers as it is one of the value for money tractors.

Kubota NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter

Kubota NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter gives an operational performance very better to that possible with manual transplanting or even when working with a walk-behind transplanter. Together, these advantages make possible the production of solid yields of high-quality rice that give to the achievement of modern profitability. this Kubota NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter effortlessly responds with maximum comfort to the requirements of professional customers attempting to expand and rationalize operations.

Kubuta MU5501 – 2WD

MU5501 has been developed with “Thoughtful Attention” to the specific requirements of Indian farmers, which is the expertise of the Japanese Manufacturer’s. This model is built on 3 pillars which are Performance, Efficiency and Reliability with operator comfort also equally considered while making this model. It is equipped with Japanese-technology, e-CDIS engine and superb transmission, which will ensure incredible traction power at best economical fuel mileage, leading to higher productivity. Also, the comfortable and ergonomic design will free operators from fatigue even after long working hours.

Massey Ferguson 1035 DI

Massey Ferguson 1035 DI is the most powerful tractor that generates tremendous power, excellent strength and has the most advanced features. It has a perfect system to push your farming & commercial tasks to a new level. Moreover, the company manufactured the Massey 1035 tractor with modern solutions to provide efficient farming tasks to the farmers. This tractor is filled with advanced features and specifications, making it efficient for farming. Therefore, it can be the best tractor for farmers who need to develop their farm’s productivity as it has high efficiency in the farming operations. Also, it additionally has an option of power guiding if the purchaser needs it. And the eye-staying design of this model attracts young or modern farmers.
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