Black Velvet Blended Canadian Whisky (Liter)


Black Velvet Blended Canadian Whiskey 1L 40% Country: Canada Volume: 1 l Alcohol: 40% The history of the Black Velvet goes back to the times of the Second World War. It was originally produced by Schenley Industries, located in the Empire State Building in New York. First it was bottled under the name Black Label, the former master distiller Jack Napier baptized him to highlight for its smooth taste to Black Velvet. The Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey 1 Liter is a whiskey of Toronto, which is made from the finest Canadian rye, maize and clear mountain water. It is exported to over 50 countries and is especially popular in the United States. The Black Velvet is a blended whiskey matured for three years. Color: bright gold. Aroma: rye, corn with orange. Taste: tropish fruit, butter candies and vanilla. Finish: soft and slow. It is the ideal whiskey to enjoy the mix-drink in a bar for a relaxing evening with good friends.

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