As the name of this Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Canadian Whisky suggests, this is a classic Canadian Whisky which has been refined and perfected with roasted or toasted, natural caramel flavor. Originally the brand was named Black Label but the distiller Jack Napier quickly changed the name after reflecting on the beautiful velvety smoothness produced by the first batch.

This connection has clearly paid off. This Black Velvet toasted caramel boasts a particularly soft and aromatic sweet nuance that blends perfectly in the slightly smoky Whisky.

The Black Velvet toasted caramel Whisky is matured in heavy first fill oak barrels. This results in its slightly smoky and expressive touch.

The delectable creamy caramel nuances make this Canadian Whisky not only exceptionally gentle, but also conveys a warm and attractive mouth feel as well as a round body.

On the nose the Black Velvet Whisky presents itself with caramel notes, toasted oak, refined by creamy toffee. Overall a pretty sweet scent with light smoky roasted flavors.

On arriving at the mouth, a beautiful aromatic and succulent creamy taste of caramel in conjunction with the toffee lies down on the tongue. This is joined by a light touch of glowing black pepper which ensures some PEP, perfected by a drop of maple syrup. Generally it can be stated that this rich Black Velvet toasted caramel Whisky a prime example of an excellent flavored Whisky.

The departure of the luscious Black Velvet toasted caramel Canadian Whisky is attractive and long-lasting warm and spicy. A caramel note lies down on the palate and gives a beautiful lingering resonance to the connoisseurs.
The Black Velvet brand is held by a Canadian company named Constellation Brands. The different Whiskies are produced in Valleyfield, a city in Quebec. At some point the Black Velvet brand joined the Diageo group who however sold the former subsidiary in 1999. Pure Canadian water and the best quality rye, corn and grains are distilled to perfection.

The Black Velvet toasted caramel is the youngest Whisky in the range of the assortment of different products. It was first available in 2012. It is now available in over 55 countries.

Black Velvet is recommended on ice or in a refreshing cocktail. Try a “Cool Velvet”. Take 2 parts Black Velvet Whisky, 5 torn mint leaves, 4 parts lemonade and fresh blueberries. Add to an ice filled cocktail shaker. Shake and strain. Cheers!

Conclusion of the Black Velvet toasted caramel Canadian Whisky:

Those who feels pleasure by sipping a sweet, flavored Whiskey, will find guaranteed satisfaction with the Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Canadian Whisky. It combines the sweet facets of caramel with smoky aromas of toasted oak barrels, where the spirit matured.

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